Sofia Franklyn Talks About What Happens When a Partner Doesn’t Contact You After Sex

On a new episode of Sofia Franklyn’s podcast, “Sofia with an F,” she talks about what it feels like when a partner doesn’t contact you after sex – and what to think about it.

In a preview clip online, Franklyn reads a question, “How can I not feel bad about it when I have casual sex with a dude, and nothing comes from it, and they lose interest?”

She responds, “Let me tell you a little something about sex. It does not matter how hot you are, or how much of a freak you are in bed. What matters the most is the chemistry that you have with a certain person.”

She adds, “Obviously you get points for being Victoria Secret model, hottest bitch on earth, obviously you get points if you do a backflip on his dick.”

Franklyn continues, “but if the chemistry isn’t there, it doesn’t really matter.  You guys just aren’t each other’s people.”

While it sounds simple enough, it’s a revolutionary idea to let go of the feeling of failure when you don’t click with a partner.

Franklyn’s podcast dives into a variety of honest discussions about life, lifestyle, sex, relationships and more.

The newest episode features Emira D’Spain, and you can catch it below.