Sofia Franklyn Checks a Man’s Bank Account on The First Date

Yes. That is a true statement above. Sofia Franklyn spilled the beans that she will ask a guy how much he has in his bank account during the first date.

Franklyn hosted Leo Skepi on her podcast where the two discussed knowing when a boy is gay, going through friends’ and significant others’ phones’, as well as dating a guy who is “on the same level” financially.

Franklyn admitted to Skepi, “I’m not joking, I have asked the last three dudes I’ve dated for their bank account info on the first date.”

Skepi kindly responded, “I don’t judge people’s actions, I look at the intention behind it,” continuing to ask, “so like, why do you ask for that?

Franklyn honestly revealed, “Because I only want to date a wealthy guy that has money.” The host evaluated, “I think, you know, I have a job. I’m very successful. So I think I have very f**king right to be like, ‘Hi, are we on the same level or am I wasting my time'”?

What do you think? Would you show Sofia Franklyn your bank account information to make it past a first date with her?