Sheriff Joe Lombardo Used Work Email to Strategize with Campaign Consultants

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the Republican candidate for Nevada Governor, used his official police department email to communicate with his campaign team about strategies.

In addition, he directed department employees to conduct research that his campaign later used.

A judge released a set of 40 emails (including the four outlined above) as part of a lengthy public records lawsuit wherein critics say Lombardo used “his government email for political gain.”

A spokeswoman for Lombardo’s campaign says of the emails, “Largely sent from his personal devices, Sheriff Lombardo’s occasional emails to campaign staff are neither noteworthy nor significant, nor do they present any conflict with state ethics law.”

Nevada’s state ethics law does prohibit any public officer or employee from using “governmental time, property, equipment or other facilities to benefit a significant personal or pecuniary interest.” However, an exception can be made if the user “does not interfere with the performance of the public officer’s or employee’s public duties” or if the cost or value is “nominal.”


  • How long are you going to do this hit job on Lombardo? Why pick on Vegas politics? Is Sisolak paying you? Lombardo is like 8 points ahead so why are you not smelling the winds of change? Nobody wants the old commie there anymore.

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