Shares of Endeavor Fall After Vid Shows UFC Boss Dana White Hitting Wife

Shares of Endeavor, the company that owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship, have fallen after a video surfaced of UFC leader Dana White hitting his wife.

In the video, White and his wife Anne were arguing over New Year’s and White can be seen hitting her.

Endeavor Reaches Out to Media to Suppress Dana White’s Domestic Abuse in Hopes to Save the UFC President from Cancellation

Since then, White has faced backlash from every direction. In the past, White has been outspoken against domestic violence, so he’s facing accusations of hypocrisy on top of criticism over being a domestic abuser.

Anne has said that Dana’s actions were “out of character.”

But out of character, hypocritical or not – White is now seeing the consequences of those actions.

Endeavor shares closed down nearly 6% Tuesday.

White has issued a public apology.

Dana White Domestic Violence Apology Rings Hollow Given His Blatant Hypocrisy

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