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Senate Passes Last-Minute Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown, Including $12B for Ukraine - Factz


Senate Passes Last-Minute Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown, Including $12B for Ukraine

In a last-minute frenzy, the Senate has passed a stopgap bill that will avert a government shutdown.

The bill will fund the government through December 16.

Government agencies will receive funding, but the bill also includes a controversial $12.3B financing for Ukraine, including military and economic assistance.

Additionally, President Biden will be given the authority to direct the drawdown of up to nearly $4B to transfer excess weapons from stocks in the US to Ukraine.

This comes amid escalated tensions with Russia (if that’s possible) as they announced plans to illegally annex 4 regions of Ukraine and defend them by all means necessary.

Funding sent to Ukraine from the US consistently meets resistance among critics who say the US has ample domestic financial concerns without sending money overseas. Still, the US is spearheading efforts along with the UN to bolster the country, which has been suffering under Russian invasion for months.

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5 months ago

These guys are always going on vacations.

5 months ago

Does this ever end? When do they start funding America the country they are working for. Ohh ya AMERICA last! Fire them all!

5 months ago

Keep printing money soon that money is going to be worth nothing. Better watch yourselves.

5 months ago
Reply to  NuclearWintour

It’s worth more than the Euro 💶

5 months ago
Reply to  Goose

Not for long.

5 months ago

This douche belongs in Guantanamo like ouchie Fauci.