Saucy Sibz Podcast Talks Burning Man Mudpocolypse

The brother and sister podcasting duo, Francesca Piazza and Nicodemus Piazza, of Saucy Sibz Podcast shared an update post-Burning Man.

Francesca starts the video by saying, “The Burning Man rumors are true. I am in a casino in Reno under fluorescent lighting and I have never been happier.” Nicodemus chimed in, “I got a hotel room for $60 and I sat on the bed and I just shook. I just quietly shook.”

Francesca revealed that someone’s RV caught on fire which caused a 12-hour setback for getting out of the desert. she shared, “It took us 12 hours. We haven’t slept for 48. The only food that I had was a weird pack of M&Ms that I ate but then I had to pee in the container because you can’t get out your car.”

The siblings admit that the trip “broke” them however, they couldn’t hold back from saying “We did have fun though” and “It was the best week of my life.” Francesca said, “I can’t wait for everyone to pretend like it was amazing.” She then asked her brother, “Did it change you?”

Stay up to date with their podcast to hear all of the details from their week in Nevada.