Saturday Night Live #SNL Exclusive Love Triangle- Chris Redd Steals Kenan Thompson’s Soulmate

Right before the first week of the 48th SNL season, Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd, now a former #SNL member, decided to start dating the ex-wife of current cast member Kenan Thompson.

It was just announced Redd (pictured below) was leaving the show because he had a handful of projects he was working on at the time, but weird time to say he isn’t coming back right before the season starts. FACTZ does not know if Redd’s relationship with Christina Evangeline is why he left the show.

What FACTZ does know is that Evangeline planted the photo of her holding hands with Redd and sent it to her contact at TMZ. Evangeline has been producing “sourced” stories for a long time since she has a good relationship with the outlet.

The TMZ story says, “In fact, we’re told Kenan and Christina were living separate lives and intending to divorce since 2019.” Yes, that’s Evangeline who is telling TMZ this information. A solid PR move to control the narrative AND make herself the face of SNL in the public eye.

Story developing …

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  • I knew her in high school. Same drama 🎭 couldn’t make it in the entertainment world so she just dated the heavy popular kids. Not much has changed. Thirsty.

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