Russian State TV Using Tucker Carlson Clips to Push Pro-War Propaganda

Usually, Tucker Carlson is only a thorn in the side of American Democrats.

Now, he’s the mouthpiece of a pro-war push in Russia, clips of his words used by Russian state TV to drive up enthusiasm for the war against Ukraine.

Clips of Carlson blasting the US over its friendship with Kyiv were taken by Russian state tv and broadcast to millions of Russians. In one clip translated for Russian TV, Carlson bids a happy anniversary to the 7-month-old conflict and boasts that it’s impossible for Ukraine to beat Russia.

This newest propaganda push comes in the wake of a partial mobilization of Russian draft forces by president Vladimir Putin, hoping to snatch victory out of what increasingly looks to be defeat in his offensive against Ukraine.

Protests have flared across Russia since the mobilization was announced, with hundreds of people detained by state police and violent clashes in the street. One ally of the president has even threatened to send relatives of the anti-war protestors to the front line.

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