Russia Retaliates for Crimea Bridge by Killing 12 – But Video Shows a Tactical Ukraine Winning the War

Russia retaliated on Ukraine, killing at least 12 in an overnight attack in the eastern city of Zaporizhzhia after the aftermath of the Russian Crimea Bridge.

The Zaporizhzhia strike wounded 60 people; 10 of the 60 were children. Even Musk chimed in:

According to sources, this was to get even for the bridge explosion, as the Crimea Bridge acted as a military supply route for the war.

FACTZ received a video submitted showing Ukrainian forces dominating Russian takers using UK’s weapons to blow the Russian armored vehicles to pink mist.


  • What did Ukraine expect? They are going to blow up the bridge laugh about it and Putin just gonna sit there and take it. They are egging him on Then there is Elon trying to stop the world from being destroyed.

      • It is stop Russia now or let Russia take over country after country. So you spend a few billion more. Does it matter? The US debt is 13 Trillion now thanks to Republican spending.

    • Russia was going to bomb those civilians eventually. Russia is day after day being pushed back. Untrained soldiers. Poor equipment. Supply lines and supplies blown up. World war 1 tactics in 2022. Russia needs to cut its loses and pull out.

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