Rotten Tomatoes is Trashing ‘The Kardashians,’ But They’re Slaying at the Top of Hulu Ratings

Rotten Tomatoes is a movie and television show rating site that’s known for being a little reactive.

People can plug in their vote for a show or movie’s worthiness, and an aggregate rating is drawn from all of those inputs.

On RT, Hulu original “The Kardashians” is getting drug soundly through the mud. The avg “Tomatometer” percentage is only 33%, and the average audience score is a dismal 30%.

But that’s ironic considering how well-received it’s been by those who actually watch the show.

In fact, the show drew the most-watched premiere on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ and Star+ among Star Originals across all global markets to date, according to a Hulu spokesperson.

So, just how reliable is Rotten Tomatoes? We give it a 30%.

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