Rockies Kris Bryant Out for the Season Due to Yet Another Injury

Rockies’ player Kris Bryant is out for the rest of the season after only playing 42 games of his $182M contract.

It was a bizarre deal, to begin with, and it’s starting to look like it was a bad one as well.

Bryant has confirmed that he is out for the rest of the season after only playing 1/4 of his contract games. He won’t return due to lingering plantar fasciitis and a bone bruise on his right foot. The last game Bryant played was back in July after he aggravated the foot injury and was put on temporary medical leave.

For the 42 games he has played, Bryant hit .306/.376/.475 with five home runs. His 126 OPS+ was 26, better than the MLB average this season.

But he was out for injuries three times this year, one of which was a back strain – making him a bit of a risky contract.

His time out may work in the Rockies’ favor since he wasn’t playing to his strengths and was assigned a permanent center fielder despite his defensive strengths.

But Bryant, who was a bizarrely over-priced contract for the Rockies to pick, says this may work in his favor; “The goal was to end the year with striders, at about 30% with the movement — and I’m ahead of that, which is good. I wanted to get as close to being able to play a game as I could because then I could formulate an off-season approach that’s better. If we were in the playoff hunt, I probably would have pushed through and gotten a cortisone shot. The PRP is more healing, while cortisone masks the pain.”

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