RIP Queen Elizabeth: World Reacts to Monarch’s Death with Mix of Jubilation and Grief

For most of us, when we die there won’t be parties and celebrations being held across the world.

Then again, there also won’t be crowds of mourners gathered to share grief either. So it’s a mixed blessing.

When you’re the Queen of England and you die, you’re bound to be met with mixed emotions. And that was certainly the case with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96.

Most people seem inclined to mourn her with dignity, remembering the good thing she’s done for the world and the steady presence she’s provided for most of our lives.

Others, however, point out that England’s throne is built on the backs of all the native populations they colonized and plundered and call the Queen’s death “justice.”

World leaders have shared their grief and talked about the Queen’s lasting legacy, which will be immense as she was the longest-reigning living monarch until her death. But sometimes, a long legacy is the most fucked up, and that’s certainly the case with the Queen and the royal family in general. Scandals and controversies have dogged family members for decades, and King Charles III ascends the throne with lackluster enthusiasm.

As England shuts down to mourn the passing of their titular leader, the world braces for what comes next in a world where Great Britain no longer has a Queen, but instead – a King.

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