Rihanna Mourns Sudden Loss of Cousin Tanella Alleyne in Barbados

As reported by Loop Barbados News, Barbados was struck by the sudden passing of Rihanna’s cousin, Tanella Alleyne, at the tender age of 28.

The Grammy-winning artist’s dear relative, who tragically left this world just six years after the untimely loss of her brother Tavon to a fatal shooting, was laid to rest in a poignant ceremony held at Barbados’ St. George Parish Church on Monday.

Family and friends came together to pay their heartfelt tributes to Alleyne during the service, which featured Rihanna’s emotive ballad “Lift Me Up” as a touching musical backdrop.

Alleyne’s adoptive mother, Julie-Ann Bryan, fondly reminisced about her daughter, describing her as a woman who “embraced life with gratitude, exuded an abundance of confidence, and possessed an irresistible attitude.”

“There was something truly remarkable about Nella,” she expressed, as relayed by the news outlet. “She was fearless and tenacious. Our bond was illuminated by love.”

The circumstances surrounding Tanella Alleyne’s passing have yet to be disclosed.