Rihanna Did Not Get Paid for Her Belly-Baring Super Bowl Extravaganza

All anyone can talk about today is Rihanna and how fire she looked during her halftime show yesterday.

But it may surprise some to learn that she didn’t get paid to own the stage.

Because, although the biggest names in music take the stage for halftime, they aren’t actually paid by the NFL.

The NFL does cover production costs and expenses, but they don’t actually sign a check for the time of the artists themselves.

But they do get paid in something – exposure. For instance, the 2022 Super Bowl was watched by 112.3 million viewers. It’s hard to collect that many fans in one place for even a huge concert without the Super Bowl attached, so it’s a good time for an artist at the height of their career to score some more face time with fans. And prospective fans.

Artists often see a boost in sales of albums and songs after the show airs, and their social media followers usually increase.

Yesterday, Rihanna had the chance to not only show off her adorable baby bump (baby #2 for those confused – #1 was born last year), but she got to plug her Fenty brand, which alone almost makes it all worth it.

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