Richie Media Corp. Launches Yacht Zebra

Richie Media Corp, better known as RMC, launches its fifth label in 2022. Introducing Yacht Zebra, an in-depth look at the high-profile yachting luxury lifestyle.

CEO of RMC, Nik Richie, says, “With the success of Monza Drive in the luxury car space, it was only natural that we hit the boats. As a fan of superyachts, the progression is fitting. This is our fifth extension to our brands, giving us a combined audience of 10 million people. As we grow, we aim to hit niches with direct advertising budgets since programmatic is a dinosaur.”

He continues, “The media landscape is rapid and evolving in real-time. The relic ad models of the past are dying, and CPMs are not increasing on a quarterly basis. Direct to consumers and retailers is a must. The middle is dead.”

Click here to check out: YachtZebra.com.


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