RHOBH Star Sanela Diana Jenkins Sues Anonymous Podcaster ‘Enty Lawyer’ For Defamation

Things are getting juicy in the world of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

RHOBH star Sanela Diana Jenkins has filed a lawsuit against an anonymous podcaster who goes by Enty Lawyer. Enty runs a blog called “Crazy Days & Nights” which gets around 26 million pageviews a year.

Jenkins’ lawsuit claims Enty has published numerous false and defamatory allegations about her.

According to the lawsuit filed this week in Los Angeles, Enty claims that Jenkins ran an international sex trafficking and prostitution ring with Hayden Panettiere being one of the girls for hire. He falsely accused her of crimes in a public smear campaign driven by his “pursuit of online clout and financial gain.”

The lawsuit declares, “Ms. Jenkins will no longer play the role of villain in the false and outrageous story Enty Lawyer has been publishing for his own financial gain since 2012. It is time for the story to be set straight and for the credits to roll on Enty Lawyer’s Hollywood lie.”

The lawsuit claims that on November 3, 2021, Enty tweeted a link to a story about Jenkins along with a photo showing Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and a model named Ingrid Seynhaeve, who he falsely identified as Jenkins.

Enty went on to say that Jenkins spent a lot of time with Epstein, hinting that she played a role in his notorious child sex trafficking and abuse.

Enty further claimed that Jenkins moved her partner, Asher Monroe, “into her house” and said she was “sleeping with him beginning when he was 16,” hinting at statutory rape. The lawsuit explains that Jenkins did not meet Monroe until he was in his 20’s.

The lawsuit reads in part, “Ms. Jenkins has suffered significant reputational harm from Enty Lawyer’s false and offensive statements about her. Her family has been threatened with violence, and her reputation as been irreparably tarnished. Ms. Jenkins has no choice but to respond.”


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