Residents of Tampa Kayak Down Bayshore Blvd.

Hurricane Idalia has taken over Tampa. Reports show major flooding, labeled a “category 3 storm with winds of at least 125 miles an hour at Keaton Beach in the Big Bend Area of Florida,” According to Fox 13 News. On CNN‘s TikTok account, a reporter is recorded witnessing two men kayaking down Bayshore Blvd. on an inflatable duck.

He says, “This is a very new way to beat rush hour traffic on Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa. These guys are kayaking down this major thoroughfare, Tampa over my shoulder here. I mean, look at that.”

The CNN weather anchor, Derek Van Dam, adds, “I don’t want to minimize the serious nature of this storm but this is what people are dealing with in Tampa as we speak.”

Van Dam reveals that “five and a half feet at one of the title gages just down the road from us and that  is why we see this storm surge even that is unfolding across much of the big bend, all the way to Tampa Bay”