Real Money, Fake Blue Checks Part 2—Beware of the Hack-and-Buy-Back Scam

Last week, FACTZ reported the major scandal recently uncovered in the world of Instagram verification that led to a bunch of fake influencers losing their checkmarks.

Adam Quinn, the former business partner of entrepreneur Dillon Shamoun, exposed the intricacies of a major Instagram verification extortion scheme where Shamoun would create fake Spotify or Apple playlists for clients seeking verification and then bot the streams to rack up downloads. Then, use Facebook panels he had access to submit these check-seekers for verification. While it cost Shamoun about $1,500 to work up this sham, he would charge about $25,000+. Meta reps are allegedly in on it too, taking cash kickbacks to press the blue-check button.

FACTZ uncovered that Shamoun, who also goes by the DJ name No Dillon, was also previously a mortgage banker and an Apple specialist—in between telling people, “he sold a music festival company for $48 million and now he’s some crypto tech investor.” 

“And that’s what he does. It’s all bullshit. None of that ever happened. [Dillon] you sell fake Instagram verifications and delete people on Instagram and extort people. And that’s what you do. I have screenshots of him doing it,” Quinn tells FACTZ.

In the second part of this elaborate fraudulent scheme, when business was slow, Shamoun would target the Instagram accounts of the rich or of OnlyFans models and then go out claiming he could get their accounts back—verify them and give them a shield to protect their account.

“[He would say] hey, this guy has a bunch of money. You should delete this guy’s account,” Quinn says.

This tactic has permeated into the nightclub world, where egos run large and the desperation for popularity does as well. Last year, several dozen of Las Vegas’ most prominent nightlife influencers lost their accounts in what sparked a wildfire of rage and outcry. Could it be that Meta shut down their accounts for violating community guidelines and buying followers? Or was it an outside scam to coax them into buying verification?

For both sides, it is a true blue shake-down if we ever saw one. #FACTZ will be following this ending closely.


  • @nightowl I’m curious what you think of these people. My thought is that they are fake rich kids of Instagram and once they get a blue check they start ripping people off! 🗑

    • If you look at the people who are the culprits of paying big money for the blue check it’s only to glorify their image. Whether it’s that CEO & big spender who feels that blue check will justify them to the world that they are someone or that insta model who feels they will secure more OF subscribers by having it. Being verified on insta use to signify that you had some form of noteworthy status but just like everything else that is no longer the case. Don’t get me wrong there are people out there that have earned that blue check and deserve it and insta needs to go back to the days when they were selective at giving it out and it’s not all a money play.

  • Looks like you guys are defending a scammer named Adam Quinn to continue scamming and defaming others

  • Besides sounding stupid, you both look stupid as an outsider in watching this happen I actually got my account deleted by Adam who was managing my only fans and he had a hacker named OBN and PCI doing it all.

  • Looking even more stupid when Lauren Dascalo, Adam Quinn’s girlfriend who also got a cease and desist from meta confirmed they’re deleting peoples accounts

  • Did you guys just admit that Adam would delete accounts for other people because they would claim they have a lot of money and tried pinning the article on the wrong person missing that one key piece of evidence .. retarded. #jokez

  • Every article Nik Richies team posted is absolute trash, helping conmen con people, go get educated why do you think Adam left LA

  • You’re feeding Adam Quinn’s ego and shaming, he’s done this to countless people from notable rappers, to modeling agency owners, to reality TV stars, etc. Adam has multiple police reports for extortion, defamation, sexual and physical harassment, and cyber bullying you guys are pigs. He’s a pathological liar, he’s an extortionist, and he’s always playing victim, you’re just allowing him to keep doing what he’s doing, he’s the ring leader and you’re the petty bitch behind him now

  • Adam owes me $31,000 for my agencies creators to get verified on TikTok and this is what the topic is? He blocked us all and muted his chat knowing if his chat went public he would’ve burned to the ground. Scumbag has another thing coming for him

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