Putin Says Russia Won’t Use Nukes in Ukraine

After weeks of speculating whether or not Russia meant to use nuclear weapons in its assault on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin says nope.

Putin on Thursday denied any intentions of using nukes in Ukraine but did say that the conflict there is part of alleged efforts by the West to secure its global domination. He insists those efforts are doomed to fail.

During a conference of international foreign policy experts, Putin said, “We see no need for that. There is no point in that, neither political nor military.”

According to Putin, an earlier warning from the Russian prez that he was ready to use “all means available to protect Russia” did not amount to nuclear saber-rattling. He says it was just a response to Western statements about their possible use of nuclear weapons.

Putin says of Western policies that they will cause chaos, adding, “he who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind.” Putin said, “humankind now faces a choice: accumulate a load of problems that will inevitably crush us all or try to find solutions that may not be ideal but could work and make the world more stable and secure.”

This comes against the backdrop that Russian leaders are alleging Ukraine plans to use a dirty bomb on their own soil to implicate Russia in a “false flag” operation to pin it on Russia.

Many Western leaders worry that this is Russia’s way of placing blame ahead of their own use of such a weapon.