Pro-Trumpers Flood Election Officials with Request for 2020 Voting Records in Attempt to Cause Chaos Ahead of ’22 Vote

The 2022 midterms are just months away.

With a heightened sense of worry over voter fraud and election integrity, election officials are already working overtime to make sure everything is ready to go for the 2022 vote.

But something is happening in precincts across the nation.

Pro-Trump citizens are flooding election officials with requests for 2020 voting records. They’re requesting them in extraordinary numbers, back-logging election officials and causing the process to slow to a crawl.

Common Dreams explains, “Although many counties have published electronic images of all ballots cast in 2020, election offices are receiving demands for documents including poll books, spoiled ballots, remade ballots, voter registration applications, and cast vote records—a record of everything scanned by voting machines, which high-profile election deniers say could help identify ballots that they baselessly claim were switched from votes for Trump to President Joe Biden.”

If it seems like it would cause chaos and throw a monkey wrench in things, you’d be right – and that’s probably exactly the point.

After all, if you’re a conspiracy theorist peddling election integrity theories, you benefit from an election system that looks chaotic and unreliable. So why not show that chaos yourself? Whether it’s citizens working together or has been compelled by any group, in particular, remains to be seen. But for now, the requests are having the intended effect and gumming up the works.

Law requires officials to honor those requests, but whether voters are protected in their attempts to weaponize them is another matter entirely.


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