President Biden Falls to the Floor After Air Force Academy Commencement Speech

President Joe Biden delivered a stirring commencement address at the Air Force Academy graduation, captivating the audience with his inspiring words and messages of unity and resilience. The ceremony, held on Thursday, marked a significant milestone for the graduating cadets as they embarked on their military careers. Here are the highlights from President Biden’s memorable speech:

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden’s amazing speech was trumped by his epic fall. In his speech, President Biden acknowledged the unique challenges the graduating class faced during their time at the academy, including the ongoing global pandemic and the evolving nature of national security threats. He commended their resilience and adaptability in navigating these obstacles and expressed confidence in their ability to confront future challenges head-on.

The president underscored the significance of diversity and inclusion within the armed forces, emphasizing that the strength of the military lies in its ability to harness the talents and perspectives of individuals from all backgrounds. He encouraged the cadets to cultivate an environment of mutual respect and understanding as they serve alongside their fellow service members.

Then the president closed out his appearance with a dive to help show his balance in life. FACTZ can confirm this was not a staged incident to help get votes. The President really lost mobility.


  • Leave my father alone – do you know the amount of uppers and drugs they have him on so that he can put two words together???? He has been legally dead three years now! Of course he can’t walk, talk or think anymore

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