Post Malone Injured After a Hard Fall on Stage

Singer Post Malone fell hard on stage on Saturday night during a concert in St.Louis.

Malone was performing a “circles” move when he tripped on what appeared to be an uncovered hole on stage used to move equipment.

Medics attended him for several minutes as he lay prone before being helped backstage but promising to return.

The singer took about 15 minutes to recover before returning to the stage but was favoring his ribs and wincing from time to time as he completed his shortened set.

This was one of the first stops on Post Malone’s Twelve Carat tour, which is supposed to run through November, but the singer’s team has not released a statement one way or the other about whether or not he’ll continue.

Malone also has show dates scheduled out through February of next year, but it’s unclear which dates will be affected by his fall.


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