Platinum Pet Treats Exposed by Viral TikTok Video

A man in Illinois recently got fired from Platinum Pet Treats after he shared a video of himself removing expiration dates from dog treats and replacing them with new ones so that the company would save money and not have to replace the treats.

As you can see in the video, he seems highly distraught and expressed that he owned two dogs, a German Shepard and a bulldog. Claiming he would not give these products to his dogs.

The store told him this was ok to do, but as a dog owner, he felt inclined to let fellow pet owners know what was happening. TikTok fans commenting had nothing but appreciation and praise for this man.

One commenter said, “He risked his job to call out something that is sneaky and not ok, and he is an honest man for speaking up and risking it all.” Many comments tagged other pet brands to get him a new job, and many others suggested calling the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

He recently posted another video informing everyone that Platinum Pet Treats’ lawyer contacted him. Story developing.


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