PETA Files Lawsuit Against University of Massachusetts for Cruel Monkey Imprisonment

PETA is going on the warpath against the University of Massachusetts’ Agnes Lacreuse’s laboratory, where they say marmoset monkeys are being kept in inhumane conditions for what PETA suggests are nefarious purposes.

PETA wrote on their website, “The University of Massachusetts-Amherst (UMass) doesn’t want you to see what is done to small marmoset monkeys imprisoned in experimenter Agnes Lacreuse’s laboratory – so much so that it would appear the school is willing to break public records laws to try to hide the truth.”

They add, “PETA has just filed a lawsuit with Suffolk County Superior Court in Massachusetts to compel the university to release records we had requested, which – in apparent violation of Massachusetts Public Records Law – UMass has so far failed to provide in full.”

The records PETA requested include photographs and video showing the marmosets living conditions. PETA claims “most of their basic needs aren’t met,” and they’re being “denied control over their own bodies.”

PETA’s allegations include that Lacreuse is denying them water to force their cooperation for “cognitive tests,” restrains them for “hours at a time” in a “crude helmet-and-jacket system” for neuroimaging and gives them hormone-manipulating drugs.

They also allege that the marmosets are blasted with 90-decibel sounds as often as dozens of times a night to disrupt their sleep.

PETA also says Lacreuse cuts out the ovaries of the female marmosets and heats up their bodies to imitate menopause, then kills them when their usefulness is at an end.


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