New Personal Flying Car Just Needs a Driver’s License and Your Garage

Back in the prehistoric days of the 1900’s, people dreamed of what the future would look like.

2020 seemed so far away – and so full of promise and hope.

Unfortunately, so much of what mankind has dreamed of has fallen by the wayside as wars and global pandemics turned innovation and focus elsewhere.

There are no day trips to the moon, no food replicators, and no instant cures for all that ails us.

But there is one thing that the future promised that it’s ready to deliver: flying cars.

The Doroni H1eVTOL is a personal vehicle that starts with a modest price tag of around $150K, and it can fly you into the future of your dreams. Doroni expects to deliver a prototype later this year and start testing soon after, so the future is sooner than you think.

It will be able to fly a 500lb payload capacity up to 60 miles at a time, which is a long haul compared to other flying car prototypes coming to market.

The vehicle will be able to reach speeds of up to 140MPH, and can fit in your garage at home.

The best part? You just need a driver’s license.

Well, maybe that’s not the best part, since people already can’t drive on the ground. But it’s the most convenient part, anyway.

Drivers (pilots?) of the H1 will need to complete 20 hours of training to get behind the wheel (sorry – stick control), but then you’re off to the races. With any luck, it could be on the streets – er, in the air – by late 2024.