People Turn to Sex Work to Offset Costs of Living, and They’re Being Punished

Everyone’s a little desperate right now.

Simply affording to live is becoming increasingly out of reach with each passing week, pushing some people to get second and third jobs. Some of those jobs come in the form of sex work.

And for some people, that sex work that they’re using to keep the lights on and feed their family is turning into a punishment.

Many creators find their jobs firing them when they discover what their employees are doing off the clock.

One nurse recently recounted her story to Vice, talking about how her supervisors called her down to the office to show that they had discovered her OnlyFans content online. And they wanted her to quit OnlyFans, or be fired from the hospital where she worked. She opted to leave her nurse gig and work online full-time.

And she’s not the only one to face such a dilemma. So many stories come from people being forced to pick one or the other or fired over their off-the-clock activities.

It’s a result of sex work stigma and traditional values coming smack up against the reality of today’s economy and everyone’s need to hustle to make ends meet.

PJ Patella-Rey, a visiting University of Pittsburgh professor of gender, sexuality, and women’s study told Vice, “Working-class people have seen decades of wage stagnation, have debt in many cases that previous generations didn’t have, [and] we’re facing inflation and a possible recession. People are dealing with tough financial and social conditions and are just trying to survive – and we’re just punishing them for their efforts… It’s really, really unconscionable.”

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