People in the World Protest in Solidarity with Iran’s Protestors – and the Mainstream Media Goes Silent

Protests in Iran rage on as citizens fight the oppressive regime in the wake of the police murder of 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini.

As the government cracks down and protestors are injured, killed or go missing by the hundreds – the world is rising up in solidarity.

Across the world, peaceful protests arose over the weekend in major cities such as New York, London, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Stockholm, Toronto and more.

But the mainstream media, so happy to cover the carnage on the ground in Iran – all they published about the supportive protests was crickets.

Clearly, if a protest doesn’t turn bloody, the major media outlets have no interest in covering it. But what the world is doing in choosing to stand with the people of Iran is standing for human rights and human dignity – headlines that clearly don’t sell.


  • Cause they only care about things that are meant to drive humanity apart. Not unite. People have the upper hand here, they should recognize before it’s too late.

    • Why did BLM work and this is not? I’m so confused how someone can take a knee and it’s more powerful than a female dying because three strands of her hair was showing. The world is so backwards sometimes.

      • Easy….BLM had a ton of money behind it this did not. Reality Is BLM was not the cause that initially people thought. It was all about using a cause to distract, insinuate violence for a narrative and get money.

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