Peloton Announces it Won’t Use Kanye West Music in Classes Anymore

Joining the chorus of businesses that are cutting ties with Kanye West is Peloton.

The fitness company has “indefinitely paused” playing West’s music from streaming workout classes.

This comes as Ye faces fallout from a series of anti-Semitic comments that saw nearly a dozen brands sever their professional connections to West and his businesses.

Pelo Buddy, a fan-created website that doesn’t have official ties with Peloton, reports that the company is telling members they won’t be using the music in “newly produced classes.”

Peloton has said it takes this issue “very seriously” and made the decision “immediately following his remarks.”

A Peloton spokesperson confirmed to CNN that it is sending that message to members who contact them about West’s music.

Star instructor Alex Toussaint publicly commented on the issue in one of his classes, although he didn’t use West’s name directly. He said, “Because I love everybody, I want to make sure everybody feels safe in my environment and my classes. I’m not even going to speak too much on it because you know I stand with you. You will not hear that artist in my class at all.” Toussaint continued, “I do not support hate speech whatsoever, baby.”