Patrick Bet David Calls Out Paul Brothers For Fighting Publicly

Patrick Bet David expresses his distaste over Logan Paul and Jake Paul openly bashing each other as brothers. David says, “Don’t you ever call each other out publicly.”

In the clip, David is talking about a podcast episode of the brothers that he recently had seen saying, “The other day some clip was shown and Logan and Jake are going, and, you know Jake has got a black eye, no Logan’s got a black eye and he’s (Jake) holding Prime like this.” He continued to share their conversation which included them talking down about each other’s past fights with other boxers.

David pointed out that the entire time Jake was holding Prime without the logo in the picture, avoiding promoting his brother’s brand. He held nothing back, saying “So I’m standing there myself, and I said, ‘I swear to god if those two were my sons I would fly to Puerto Rico and I would bring some of the most interesting people from low places. And, we would not leave until I put the fear of God in their spirit to say, ‘If you guys ever show a sign of lack of belief in each other, you have no idea what I would do to you. Privately, beat the crap out of each other, make fun of each other, do whatever you want. Don’t you ever, at the cost of promoting a drink, ever, ever. Don’t you ever call each other out publically.'”