Our Politicians are Way too Damn Old

Let’s face it. The choices for 2024 suck, and they haven’t even been hammered out yet.

The options for President of the United States keep getting older and more out of touch with things Americans care about because they’re from another millennium. Literally.

Why does this keep happening? Surely that’s someone who was born within 20 years of the current millennium who could bring some new (and useful) ideas to the table.

But Washington is an “old boys” club, in every sense of the word. It’s difficult for young people to get a foot in the door, and even harder to get in if you’re Black or a woman. And Americans are surprisingly in sync over the idea that it’s a bunch of bullshit.

According to CNN, “A new CBS News poll shows that almost three in four Americans (73%) think there should be some sort of maximum age limit placed on elected officials. Support for such an age limit is consistent across party lines. Seven in ten Democrats (71%) are on board, as are three quarters of Republicans and independents. Support is also remarkably consistent among age groups. Interestingly, the youngest group in the survey — those ages 18-29 — are least in favor of maximum age limits (68%), while three quarters of all other age cohorts back them.”

It seems somewhat counterintuitive that the youngest voting bloc is the least enthused about upper limits to political power, but it makes sense. After all, they’re facing the flip side of the coin – being kept out of the club for being “too young.” So they don’t want to be “ageist” about it and prevent a good person from doing their job.

But we already know that cognitive decline is a thing. And most of the most powerful people in Washington are in their ’70s and ’80s. So really – we have seniors behind the wheel of the country, and it might be time to examine whether that makes sense without feelings involved.

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