OnlyFans Model Imprisoned for 6 Years over ‘Explicit’ Content

A former doctor from Myanmar has found herself sentenced to six years in prison for posting explicit content on OnlyFans.

A military court in the country found Nang Mwe San guilty of “harming culture and dignity” by distributing “sexually explicit” photos and videos for a fee through the internet.

This violates Section 33A of Myanmar’s Electronics Transactions Law. Nang Mwe San was arrested on August 5 for “tarnishing Burmese culture” through her distribution of the material. That same night the military junta announced that the military council was bringing charges against her and actress Thinzar Wint Kyaw. San was denied a lawyer and subjected to a closed military court.

Many have called her arrest and subsequent sentencing politically motivated, as the 34-year-old has participated in protests against the military junta. Kyaw is also a political activist. She is said to have produced material on Exantria, a platform similar to OnlyFans.

Nonetheless, it’s a stunning development that makes her likely the first person in the world jailed over content produced for OnlyFans. Advocates call it a gross human rights violation that should concern people around the world.


  • I’m ok with this. None of these women are paying taxes and are putting stripclubs out of business. Also, it’s not equal gender rights. Women can get naked and make millions but if a guy sends a dick pic it’s the end of the world.

    • Have you not been on only fans and know that it’s not only women that are on there but men as well. So it is “equal gender rights” Also these women are not putting strip clubs out of business. Strip clubs are actually live and men still enjoy going to them and this is online.

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