One of Florida’s Largest HOAs Charged with Stealing Over $2M from Residents

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are a love-them or hate-them kind of thing.

In this case, they’re also a criminal kind of thing.

Multiple current and former board members on one of Florida’s biggest HOAs have been charged with stealing over $2M of residents’ money.

In Miami-Dade, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced a mixture of charges including theft, fraud and money laundering against current HOA president Monica Isabel Ghilardi, board member Myrian Arango Rodgers, former board member Yoleidis Lopez Garcia, former president Marglli Gallego, and Jose Antonio Gonzalez (Gallego’s husband).

Rundle added that these are not the end of arrests and more are expected to come in the upcoming days.

The HOA Ghilardi is (was) in charge of oversees 40 communities including over 6,500 units in West Kendall, a suburb southwest of Miami.

Much of the investigation is centered on board members writing checks (some for hundreds of thousands of dollars) to vendors for services that weren’t actually provided. One of those vendors was Gonzalez.

residents have been fighting for years to unseat Gallego, but hundreds of residents standing in line to vote were turned away after a fake phoned-in bomb threat and then again in July during a recall election where the board tossed out 2/3 of ballots cast.

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