UPDATE: O’Malley Spills the Beans on Brianna Chickenfry’s New Two-Year Deal While Layoffs Still Loom at Barstool

UPDATE: Dave Portnoy has yelled at O’Malley, and the current Barstool staff is not happy that there are secret deals made to favorited employees. This story is developing.

In a touching interview with FACTZ, the best friends and podcast duo, O’Malley and Brianna Chickenfry, were very straightforward in their love for the following colleges- Ohio State and Penn State. However, all Arizona schools are persona non grata to them as they laughed at Arizona for their gun violence.

Don’t get us wrong, FACTZ is a huge fan of the BFFs and Chickenfry’s relations to the arrested Luke Bryan, but Grace O’Malley made a huge mistake by saying she got a new two-year contract while all the others at Barstool got laid off. And as we all know, they are a package deal.

The interview took a turn, and Bri knew it was time to run. Regardless, we still have love for the girls, and our thoughts and prayers are with the terminated at Barstool.