Officine Fioravanti Unveils 200MPH Ferrari Testarossa Restomod

It’s one of the most classic cars of all time: the Ferrari Testarossa. With an instantly recognizable profile, a blend of traditional and futuristic features, and a powerful engine underneath the hood – it’s the kind of car that inspires and excites.

That’s why Officine Fioravanti just made many car-lover dreams come true, unveiling the breathtaking 200MPH restomod Ferrari Testarossa.

It’s been reborn – the Ferrari Testarossa unveiled by the Swiss auto builder combines retro design with modern technology – the dream restomod marriage.

The car boasts a rebuilt Ferrari flat-12 engine with 503 Italian horsepower, which can spin up an impressive 9,000RPM.

Read the full article at Monza Drive.

It’s the kind of car you dream of owning – and a few lucky ones actually will.

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