NYC Hotels Allegedly Flooded with Transvestites for Start of NBA

If you haven’t noticed while watching ESPN, the NBA season is getting ready to kick off, and the team hotels in New York are hoping for a different season this year compared to last year.

FACTZ spoke with two different hotels. Security has noticed many transvestites hanging at the hotel bar and inside the lobby every time a team stays at the hotel. Many seem “off” as the regular clientele gets confused by the scene.

According to one of the security members at this major hotel, “they must be hanging out because they are hooking up with a guest.”

The security person continued to tell FACTZ that one player was not hiding it as they made out with a transvestite outside the hotel. The player who we will not mention is a solid player on an NBA team.

Years before, there was a sting at the hotels as prostitutes were setting up many men at the hotel bar. Men alone at the hotel bar were approached by women who acted as if they had an interest. They would go upstairs to have fun, then be held to an expensive bill by the woman.

Hotels cracked down on this by setting prostitutes up with private detectives catching them. With the surplus of transvestites looking for NBA players at their hotel, security is having issues because they feel it’s not the vibe they are looking for at these 5-star locations.

Yet they haven’t done anything wrong. No judgment here at FACTZ. As long as the team we bet on covers the spread, we are OK with it.

Story developing.


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