Nikki Glaser and Amy Schumer are No Longer Friends

Sources are telling FACTZ that Nikki Glaser and Amy Schumer are no longer pals, which stems from Schumer’s view of comedy now. Schumer, 41, and Glaser, 38, are still friends on Instagram but aren’t liking each other’s photos- just more evidence of the alleged breakup.

Schumer confronted Glaser over some of her jokes that she didn’t think were appropriate these days, as Schumer has gotten more outspoken about her political views.

Glaser didn’t appreciate her thoughts, and the two’s relationship drifted apart.

For years, the two were connected at the hip, running around the comedy circuit together and Glaser even doing a guest role on ‘Inside Amy Schumer.’ It’s fair to say that the two are in different parts of their lives as they don’t live in the same city anymore, and Schumer is now with a child.

However, the two have been talking behind each other’s back for a while now. Both comedians are on a national tour separately. RIP BFFs.


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