Nik Richie’s FACTZ Commitment in 2023

The best part of tomorrow is that I can reset. Today, I’m asking myself if I’m pushing hard enough. Am I asking too much of my team? Do I need a new team? Is FACTZ where I want it to be after four months?

The answer is one answer. It’s on me. I create every path to success and failures are my fault. If I pass the ball and you miss the shot, that is on ME! And you’re fucking fired.

The luxury of being Gen X is understanding how to problem solve and fucking work. I’m from the Kobe Bryant era, where talent is not enough to kill. You have to put in the work and be selfish to a fault. So my answer is to give the new school a taste of the old school.

A lot of this FACTZ audience does not know me. Which I find fabulous— I’m blessed with an opportunity to show the world what I can do (again).

Nobody is going to work harder than me in 2023. FACTZ is going to be a household name, and honoring OUR CODE will be the standard:

INTEGRITY (don’t lie)

I urge FACTZ Family to download our app [UPDATE AS WELL]. Rise Up! Stop making excuses and blaming everyone else. 2023 is my year to show you that archaic journalism is done. You have a place with FACTZ — a home like no other.

Tonight I’m going to stay sober, get good sleep, enjoy my children and wake up tomorrow at 4 AM on a mission of mercy to save my soul by the code.

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