Nik Richie Joins Celebrities Cutting Ties with Balenciaga After Wearing it on Halloween

The infamous founder of FACTZ, Nik Richie, was recently seen raving with all of his celebrity friends at all the hot spots in Miami this past Halloween wearing Balenciaga, dressed up as the IG famous club promoter DJ Purple- who also loves Balenciaga might we add, he wears their cologne and uses their bath bombs.

On his Instagram, he can be seen in a post from the evening proudly dawning an overpriced ripped red Balenciaga T-Shirt during that rambunctious Halloween night in Vice City.

But today, he reached out to FACTZ to set the record straight and let the world know that he in no way, shape or form supports Balenciaga and their pedo advertising campaigns. He also adds that he does not wear Balenciaga in his daily life and only wears it to imitate IG’s famous DJ Purple.

Balenciaga, now a media mogul, has to denounce your brand. It looks like it’s over for you in the fashion world, Oliver.

My staff has jokes. I will never wear Balenciaga again and I plan to burn this shirt for the children.- nik

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1 month ago

please video the burn!

Last edited 1 month ago by Nightowl