Nice Hands is a Trap for Sexual Asphyxiation

Those who know me understand I have very soft hands. I don’t labor in the woods.

Of course, I did some research as to what that means. And it’s crazy true. The chicks who have been courting me want full choke. Great, this is attempted murder traps … I knew the screams were too good to be true.

Like everything else on WebMD, you are dying no matter what. They state, “Death from erotic and autoerotic asphyxiation usually happens because of pressure on the carotid arteries (two large blood vessels in your neck that supply your brain with blood). This pressure causes you to pass out, making your body go limp. Depending on the asphyxiation method used, going limp can tighten a ligature around the neck, causing death. It can also prevent the removal of a barrier around the mouth and nose in time to avoid death.”

Interesting, so if she says to choke her, the answer is NO. Sorry to speak in heterosexual terms, but don’t choke anything, even your chickens.


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