Networks and Podcast Hosts are Blowing Up Tucker Carlson’s Phone to Land His First Interview

Tucker Carlson’s phone has not stopped ringing/vibrating from people looking to get the first interview with the recent Twitter hire. FACTZ has learned that Carlson is in high demand from popular television hosts, podcast hosts, and more to get the first sit-down interview. People who refused to do Carlson’s show before or now willing to come on his new Twitter program if he gives them his first interview.

Carlson, on the other hand, is not in a rush to do any interviews.

Sources tell FACTZ that Carlson’s first interview would like to be with someone fair and have a discussion, not a debate. His main focus now is to work on the studio with his small team to see how the show’s production will work between his Florida and Maine home.

FACTZ broke the story that many Fox employees have jumped to Twitter with him. When Carlson was let go, he was approached with many offers, but the call from his new friend Musk was the one that made him feel the most comfortable. Musk, who helped bring the show to Twitter, will not have any say regarding content or media agenda as he believes in freedom of speech.

Will Musk be Carlson’s first guest on his new Twitter show? Stay tuned…

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