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My Casa Aramara Experience With Joe Francis

From my Purple Miami adventures to Punta Mita, Mexico.

My next stop was to see my buddy Joe Francis and to test the new wi-fi at the fully rebuilt Casa Aramara (my second home, which I timeshare with the other Armenians, aka Kardashians). If you remember, a massive fire burned down most of the world-famous retreat. However, Francis rebuilt the digs and upgraded many features in the house. It’s on another level now.

I can say that Casa Aramara 2.0 is worth the $55k-a-night stay. The house is ten times better, and the bathroom upgrades shit on any 6-star resort.

It’s been an insane couple of years for Francis; he is the king of “high-class problems,” and as much as he tries to stay away from trouble, it seems to find him.

My buddy Joe hasn’t seen his children in two and half years; as a friend, I wanted to come and check on his mental well-being personally, we’ve known each other for over two decades, and unfortunately, our taste in women is our actual demise. Besides that, we really have blessed lives and exceptional children, so maybe not a demise but more like great sperm.

As hard as it is to believe because everyone loves to assume, Joe Francis is a fantastic father. Honestly, if he loves you, you are everything to him. His twin daughters are all that matter in his life, so the pain he’s feeling right now is unbearable. That story is developing … we can discuss it next week.

Anyway, I’m getting excellent responses about what my life looks like behind the scenes, and I’m happy to share it with the FACTZ family. I want you to be part of my process.

Fun FACTZ: Joe Francis bought the first ever Telsa- “Telsa 1” from Elon Musk for $100k cash. He later sold it to a museum in Norway for $130k because it was not faster than his Ferrari.

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Herman Munster
4 months ago

Looks WACK…. But at least you had fun

Highlight Room
Highlight Room
4 months ago

Isn’t the baby momma the girl that stole everyone’s purses in LA?

Average Joes
Average Joes
4 months ago
Reply to  Highlight Room

Yeah Abbey I believe is her name. She robbed Ted Dhanik’s home of $100k bags and jewelry. She is from Oklahoma. I remember when that happen she had to hide at Blake Griffins house because police were looking to arrest her.

4 months ago

Damn the sunsets 🌅 are no joke.

4 months ago

Want to hear more about this friendship