Mother/Daughter Duo Prove OnlyFans Can Be a Family Business

A lot of families start businesses together. It’s not just common, it’s desirable. If you can make your living together as a family, it opens up a world of opportunities – you set hours that work for your family, your money goes right into your own pocketbooks; the sky is the limit.

But #OnlyFans is one of those places where we don’t want to think about the fact that some family members join together. One mother/daughter duo did exactly that, but never fear – they’re not making content together (yet).

18-year-old Tiahnee joined OnlyFans. In the beginning, mother Evie Leana was skeptical. But her daughter slowly started raking in the dough, and the mother decided to follow in the daughter’s footsteps.

It was apparently the right choice to make, since 37-year-old Evie made a whopping $20K her first two months. But it hasn’t been smooth sailing, Evie explains that she’s been hit with a good deal of hate, many calling her a bad mom.

Evie spoke on Adelaide’s Ali Clarke Breakfast Show, coming out swinging at the haters, “I’m actually a really good mum, I’m here at the end of every day kissing them goodnight. I’m focused 100 percent on me and the kids. I’ve never been someone who goes out and parties or leaves them.”

Evie added, “I’ve had a fair bit of judgment, but if you can make money, creating content, creating something you and others enjoy. I think it’s fun and empowering. People can judge me but I’ve definitely taught my daughters – she’s not following in my footsteps, I’m following in hers.”

OnlyFans has its pitfalls, but it’s also a vehicle for financial independence that has provided a path out of poverty for a lot of content creators. And families, I guess. It’s still a little gross to say mother joined daughter on a porn platform, but then again – OnlyFans isn’t just for porn.

The site has tried multiple times to encourage NSFW content creators to go elsewhere, but it hasn’t worked (the money for all parties involved is too good) … so thank you Denise Richards for encouraging these family values.