Morgan Britt Osman Gets A Face Tattoo Of Her Man’s Name

Morgan Britt is manifesting her 2-week-long relationship to be here for a long time and a good time. How can we guess that? Well, she recently got her new man’s name tattooed… on her face.

Two days ago, Britt’s boyfriend, Wes Watson, posted a photo of Britt that shows her side profile and his name tattooed above the lower end of her eyebrow.

More recently, Watson talked to Albert Preciado about his new boo doing something so permanent so soon.

Watson says, “Two weeks, branded my f**king name on her face. And, she’s like a high-level ass chick.”

Preciado asked Watson about his reaction to Britt telling him that she wanted to get the tattoo. He responded, “I like don’t wanna say no, I don’t wanna say yeah. I don’t want to say anything. Like, if you wanna do it, I’ll get a better artist I guess.”

Watson did exactly that and the Britt’s words became action. Watson revealed that she got a lot of poor backlash for it, adding that some of her friends “disowned her.”

However, Watson also revealed that likes the fact that she doesn’t care what people think and does what she wants to do anyway.