M&M Turns New Purple ‘Spokescandy’ Into Bizarre Statement for Inclusion

Apparently, in today’s world, candy is leading the charge into the world of progressivism because that makes sense.

M&M recently announced that they were introducing a new color M&M “spokescandy,” which comes in Purple.

According to the brand, the message is “Designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity.” A statement from M&M adds, “Our newest member is known for her earnest self-expression. Keen self-awareness, authenticity, and confidence are the driving forces behind Purple’s charm and quirky nature. She joins the legendary cast of M&M’s characters, who recently were given a refresh with updated looks and more nuanced personalities back in January.”

Recall that they made the Green M&M less sexy in January, which apparently upset Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who enjoyed lusting over the hard-shelled green candy.

But let’s take a trip back from bizarroland for a second and re-enter, well – bizarroland.

Because only in an ass-backward world of “woke” overreach could anyone think that a purple candy could further any agenda other than “purple M&Ms taste the same as the rest of them,” which I guess could create its talking point about sameness.

The whole idea of a purple M&M doing anything useful for the cause of inclusivity and could make people more aware of….something? It is laughable at best.

Pandering for points never seems to work out, and in this case, M&M looks utterly ridiculous.


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