Mischa Barton at 19 Says She Was Told to Sleep with 30-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio to Boost her Career

The buzz about Leonard DiCaprio’s love life is everywhere.

The “Titanic” star seems to have an expiration date for his partners: he won’t date anyone over the age of 25.

When he was 30, dating 20-somethings made sense. but DiCaprio is knocking on 50 now, and his newest girlfriend is just 19 – prompting criticisms of power imbalances and the question about why women his age won’t date him.

Now, 2005 quotes from actress Mischa Barton have surfaced where she talked about her (lack of) relationship with DiCaprio.

When she was just 19, Barton says that her publicist told her to sleep with DiCaprio to boost her career. At the time, he was 30. Barton says former publicist Craig Schneider saw Leo at a photo shoot in Malibu, and told her, “For the sake of your career, go and sleep with that man.”

The actress recalls being uninterested in DiCaprio because he was an older man, telling her publicist, “Isn’t Leo, like, 30 or something?”