Michigan Man Met College Kid on Dating App, then Had Him for Dinner – Literally

A Michigan man pled guilty last Thursday to the 2019 mutilation of a body and murder (open murder – which contains both first and second-degree murder) after he killed a college student he met on the dating app Grindr.

But he couldn’t just leave it at murder (because it’s Michigan, the Florida of the North Central Region of the US), no – he then ate parts of the deceased body.

53-year-old David Latunski admitted to killing a 25-year-old college student named Kevin Bacon.

Latunski lured Bacon to his home, where he then attacked him by stabbing him in the back before dragging his body into the kitchen so he could consume him.

When police located Bacon’s body, it was hanging from the ceiling in Latunski’s basement.

Kevin’s heartbroken father, Karl, said of his son, “Kevin was a good kid, and he didn’t deserve what he got. We won’t have to go through a lengthy trial. Seeing Kevin’s pictures again in court, maybe we won’t have to go through all that.”


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