Michelin Has Stripped Stars from Three New York Restaurants

There’s nothing in the restaurant industry quite like the moment when you discover your restaurant has been awarded Michelin stars.

It’s the gold standard of cuisine excellence, proving that your establishment stands head and shoulders above its peers.

But what about when you lose those stars?

Three New York restaurants must grapple with that feeling of disappointment after Michelin stripped stars from Carbone, Marea, and Peter Luger.

“This year in New York, there’s a feeling of evolution,” says the chief inspector for Michelin.

The three restaurants have dominated the local industry for decades, but now it’s time for new blood.

The loss of stars doesn’t mean Carbone, Marea, and Peter Luger aren’t worth visiting – they absolutely still are.

But now, some of their peers are shining brighter, and it’s time to take your taste buds on an adventure through something new.


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