Michele Fiore is the Craziest Politician in America, Here are the Factz

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore, also known as Lady Trump, is running for Nevada State Treasurer. She decided to migrate over to that race after dropping out of a short-lived campaign for Governor. Taking a look at a short list of shocking moves she has made in the last five years alone, FACTZ thinks she might be the craziest female politician in America.

Who’s the best person to be the state’s financial leader?

We might not be the best with a calculator or an abacus, but common sense says maybe NOT someone with more than a million dollars in tax liens. 

This news surfaced in 2014 that the IRS was coming after Fiore—when she was the Assembly Majority Leader and chairwoman of the, you guessed it, Taxation Committee. She swept that one under the rug by blaming it on her ex-husband and citing her IRS payment plan.

Next came the 2015 Christmas card, which featured Fiore’s family all brandishing an arsenal of high-powered firearms, wearing festive holiday colors. Nothing better than ARs and eggnog around the Christmas tree.

Not stopping there, who can forget her 2016, Gun Porn date planner “Michele Fiore’s 2016 Walk the Talk 2nd Amendment Calendar,” featuring quotes from real-like-minded American Republicans such as Abraham Lincoln and Ted Nugent. A $25 donation is all it took to get this on your wall for the whole year.

In 2020, she made racially charged comments during a republican convention, at what was the height of the Black Lives Matter awakening. It is reported that she said, “If there’s a job opening and my white ass is more qualified than somebody’s black ass, then my white ass should get the job.” 

Councilman Cedric Crear called for her removal and the Clark County Republican Party distanced themselves.

In 2021, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that FBI agents had opened an investigation into Fiore’s campaign finances, raiding her home and subpoenaing documents related to her campaign and political action committee, Future for Nevadans, and openly questioned witnesses at Las Vegas City Hall last July.

Wait, there’s more …

While running for governor, she put out an internet ad showing her firing a gun for her “three shot plan” for Nevada. She’s cruising the desert in her Ford Truck, with a gun on her hip, shooting down “Socialism” sponsored beer bottles including “VACCINE MANDATES,” “CRITICAL RACE THEORY,” and “VOTER FRAUD.”

Reminder for anyone who forgot or doesn’t know: A state treasurer is responsible for maintaining state funds by investing and maintaining the state budget and other important functions—implied in the job title is a semblance of sanity—“unhinged,” not so much.