Metrolink, Amtrak Suspend Service Between LA and San Diego ‘Indefinitely’ Due to Unstable Ground

Metrolink and Amtrak are on shaky ground – literally.

The pair of railway giants suspended service between Los Angeles and San Diego indefinitely due to unstable ground between the destinations.

Tropical Storm Kay recently caused an ocean surge in the area that led to high tides and waves that shifted the coastal tracks, serving as the only viable link from San Diego to Los Angeles and the rest of the country.

Orange County Transportation Authority will be meeting today to discuss a possible solution, telling the San Diego Union-Tribune, “The emergency plan will likely involve driving large ground anchors into the bottom of the slope next to the track to prevent movement.”

Metrolink says service will stay suspended until experts confirm it’s safe, adding, “Working with geologists, geotechnical engineers, and surveyors, we have determined to ensure passenger safety service suspension is necessary. Until we have confirmation from the experts that the slope movement has stopped, we will not resume Metrolink service.”

Amtrak said in their statement, “temporary track closure in San Clemente that will allow crews to repair and strengthen areas near the tracks – a team of geologists and engineers noticed a need for repairs after recent storms. We plan to run modified service while repairs are made.”

Unfortunately for commuters, this disruption will likely worsen with the increase in weather-related effects over the next few decades.

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