Meredith Duxbury Gets Glowy And Glammed For Victoria’s Secret

“Get ready with me to go to the Victoria’s Secret Tour event,” Meredith Duxbury says on TikTok. The internet personality is living her best life during New York Fashion Week (#NYFW), going to events and parties alike, saying, “It’s gonna be a really busy week for me but I am so excited.”

Duxbury shared her makeup look with her followers for attending a Victoria’s Secret event. “Make-up I’m gonna do glowy glam because I feel like Victoria’s Secret is very glowy… glam,” she says.

The social media star stressed the need for a good appearance, “So the Victoria’s Secret event is a huge red carpet with a bunch of press and photographers, etc. so we need to be looking our absolute best.”

She then shared, “I believe we go inside to watch the show, which is already pre-recorded.” Adding, “I also have like three parties tonight, which I hope I can make it to.”

Duxbury has been previously called out for using 10 pumps of foundation on her face; however, her make-up for VS was looking angel party-ready.